Donation - July 11, 2023

Donation - July 11, 2023

Professor Meyoun Park of the Department of Western Painting donated artworks to Gangbuk Samsung Hospital




The Department of Western Painting at Sookmyung Women's University announced that Professor Mi-Yeon Park (Dean of Art & Design College) donated the artwork to Kangbuk Samsung Hospital on June 26th.

On this day, to commemorate the donation of Professor Park's work, a donation ceremony was held in the lobby of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital Dental Hospital. The donation ceremony was attended by Shin Hyeon-cheol, head of Gangbuk Samsung Hospital (neurosurgery), Kim Heung-dae, social welfare contribution director (surgery), Yoon Ji-seop, external cooperation director (surgery), Seo Jong-cheol, medical director (dentistry), Kim Hak-soo, treatment director (dentistry), and Professor Park Mi-yeon’s family. did.

Professor Park said, “After losing my mother due to Corona 19 two years ago, I have been donating to medical institutions and university institutions.” We want to send a hopeful message of support to all medical staff.”

Previously, Professor Park started by donating works to the Raphael Center, a social welfare corporation, and has been donating works to medical and educational institutions every year, including Yongin Severance Hospital, Duksung Women's University, and Gangbuk Samsung Hospital.

On the other hand, Kangbuk Samsung Hospital opened on November 2, 1968 at the site of the historic Gyeonggyo Market with the motto of being the best hospital in Korea.


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