Donation - March 17, 2022

Donation - March 17, 2022

Donation of works by Prof. Park Meyeon of the Department of Western Painting


On March 17, 2022 (Thursday), Professor Park Meyeon  of the Department of Western Painting donated one piece of her own work. In addition, alumni Jang Yeong-ah (graduating in 2008) and research assistant Park Seo-young, who majored in Western painting, decided to rent four works until the term of the president, Kun-Hee Kim.

Professor Miyeon Park said, “2029 is the year I retire, and I really wanted to donate my work to my beloved alma mater before I retired.” We decided to advance the timing," he said.

Professor Park also said, “Amidst many difficulties, the election of President Kim Gun-hee will be a request to work hard for the school,” and “I would like to ask you to especially love our alma mater.”

Meanwhile, Professor Park Meyeon has previously donated works to social welfare corporation Raphael Center and Yongin Severance Hospital.

Written by Photo Public Relations Strategy Dept. Lee Dong-ho


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