Donation - March, 2020

Donation - March, 2020

Professor Park Meyoun of the Department of Western Painting donated works to Severance Hospital in Yongin

Professor Park Meyoun of the Department of Western Painting in the College of Art & Design of Sookmyung Women's University donated the artwork to Severance Hospital in Yongin.

According to the Department of Western Painting, “Professor Park Meyoun commemorated the donation of her work to Yongin Severance on February 23rd, and Yonsei University College of Medicine Yongin Severance Hospital Director Choi Dong-hoon (Cardiology Department), Public Relations Director Jo Deok-gyu (Cardiology Department), Dr. Joo-hyung Lee, Space The simple donation ceremony with director Jung Myung-seon was successfully completed."

 Regarding the donation, Professor Park said, "I want to send warm consolation and encouragement to patients and guardians struggling with diseases in hospitals, and a passionate message of support to people suffering from the spread of infectious diseases worldwide and medical staff dedicated to treatment. do,” he gave meaning.

Professor Miyeon Park has previously donated artworks to the Raphael Center, a social welfare corporation, and starting with this, she is donating artworks every year to deliver positive energy to medical institutions (hospice wards, pediatric wards, etc.).

Meanwhile, after opening in 1983, Yongin Severance started anew as an Asia-centered hospital in March 2020 under the operational goal of 'digital innovation, safety and empathy, and one Severance'. This center provides high-quality medical care through advanced medical care, specialization, and organic relationships between medical institutions.


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